Guess what? I got paid! Yepee,,,,,,,,

@succed (879)
United States
January 14, 2007 8:38am CST
I got paid from Mylot $11.47 Im not even actively involved here. Great money for just browsing plus helpful information you get. Hey, your question are answered, from other members, when it does happen this is how you make money at the same time they make money. It does give you info that you want to hear, it help you and who else would pay you for asking question or help? Only Mylot. I wish I have more time to spend here, but I am too involved with my online class, so I only have limited time to visit here. Well, goodluck to all and have a wonderful day.
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• Malaysia
14 Jan 07
really..good to you..i'm new here and i earn $0 and i dunno when it will change..i keep posting and even start new discussion..
• Australia
14 Jan 07
You only get paid every 24 hours.
@victor234 (506)
• Brazil
16 Feb 07
Congratulation. I would like to know how did you receive the payment with only 256 post? I have only $2.08 and I have higher than 200 posts. I have to work and post more here long text or.... I dont know, tech me plz, my earnings is so slow. Whats is the best way to receive payment early like you? I read the guildeline but Im following the rules but I cant earn more than 0.50 per day. I post pictures and response discussion but its so dificult to me increase my earnings. Plz send a Msg to me saying your tricks how to earn more. I will add you in my Friendlist. Thanks and Good earnings.