good news for those that hate americans!

@andygogo (1579)
January 14, 2007 9:21am CST
GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE THAT HATE AMERICANS! The US government polticians have seen to it that their largesse is great! US Policy makers are moving forward with their immigration policies to hand out huge amounts of citizenships to many unskilled, untrained and uneducated illegal residents! This will dilute the current population of American idiots with even a greater number of idiots! US policy is all about opening Free Trade agreements with third world nations. Vietnam is the latest to recieve this great benefit! More manufacturing is going to go other Nations who already have great discrepencies in export/import exchanges with the US. That means that cheaper labor in these nations will displace the jobs and take away the monies from within the US and away from all those stupid Americans! US policy is all about sending stupid Americans with altruistic ideologies off to places to die for their stupid idealogies, leaving the stupid Americans with a greater percentage of uncaring folks. This is what took place in the first couple years of the stupid American/Vietnam war! It is being repeated in Iraq, Somalia, and soon other wonderful places where the indigenous population has no altruistic ideaology! US policy is all about increasing the minimum wage of it's overly paid ignorant and incompetent population, so that everyone can pay higher prices for useless services -- like McDonald hamburger flippers! US policy is all about bringing foreigners into our educational system to give them the benefits of our knowledge and expertise at the exclusion of the indigenous stupid American polulation. American taxpayers support this practice with their monies, while they themselves are unwelcome to the higher institutions of American learning. Foreigners around the world are pleased to tell the Americans how stupid they are. We just smile and say nothing. We are your sheep awaiting our slaughter. Our high standard of ethics and moral values in business and home will be diluted with each passing year as our relative numbers continue to diminish, soon to be overtaken by all those who help us take our continuous step down to oblivion, displaced by the corruption and lack of ethics that are rampant in those lands and nations from which the new Americans have come. May God bless you all!
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