How would you be feeling right now if you were Jason Lane?

January 14, 2007 9:40am CST
I bet that guy has to be sweating about his job, with the signings of Richard Hidalgo and Mark Loretta. Loretta gives us a good option for moving Berkman to the outfield, if needed. And Hidalgo, well, we know he has potential, if he can keep his head on straight. If Burke and Scott work out the way they should/could in the outfield, Lane's job is already precarious. With all this extra insurance, he's got to be really worried about his spot on the team right now. It's pretty disappointing that he hasn't made a big splash in the big leagues so far, with all that minor league success. It must be tough being in his shoes right now.
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1 Apr 07
If Jason could hit AT ALL his spot would be secure. He's got the defensive skills. Remember a couple of seasons ago when they had Craig out in left field? After Biggio's last at bat of the game, you were sure to see Lane out there in left in Big's place. Shame his bat is anemic. Now that Carlos Lee is on the team to smack balls into the Crawford boxes, Lane going to be spending a lot of time on the bench reading the funny papers.
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11 Mar 07
It appears to me that Hidalgo is not going to make the team, though that could change in the next two weeks. The funny thing is that Lane is looking better than Luke Scott right now. Lane may be the starter!