a second chance for Hero

@ihr485 (117)
January 14, 2007 11:12am CST
There was a time when we've almost lost Hero...we thought he will die after that accident when he's 6 months old,because he's so playful like a typical japanese spitz, he loves to seat on a chair, he fall and he suffered injury on his 4 legs...those where the times when he lost his appetite, he can no longer move, he was paralized!!! we tried our best to be his physical therapist...we almost loose hope to the extent that we asked his veterinary doctor to adopt him...coz we know that she can take care of Hero as much as we can...i really cried to the thought of loosing him...and my dog saw me crying...he stared at me & i saw the tears falling from his eyes...it really breaks my heart to see him that way...i can really say that this dog is very sensitive to the feelings of his master...after that night the next morning Hero tried his best to stand up & eat...it was really hard from the start but little by little our dog manage to walk again...i think he felt that we love him so much and that drives him to fight for his life...gave him courage to walk again...now Hero celebrated his 2nd birthday last Nov.10,2006, although his 4 legs was no longer normal like with the other dogs but he manage to walk & run fast like normal dogs can...We love him so much & he's part of the family...we are not complete without him...and i know that he loves us so much!!!
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