Has anyone here every studied or practiced Kundalini yoga?

@aiguy01 (589)
United States
January 14, 2007 11:48am CST
I've read a few books but most say you should have a qualified instructor to prevent problems or imbalances from occuring un your chakras. I had some good success and a few very intense experiences but also a few had a few minor strange health problems that might have been associatied with it. The problem is that there are so few instructors and how do you know which ones are qualified. A few that I talked to on the phone seemed to know less than I did.
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14 Jan 07
I have experimented with it a bit but have had no experiences beyond tingling and vibrating sensations. I probably didn't stick with it for long enough though. I have read as well that you have to be careful with it but to be honest there are so many different systems round involving chakra work that I can't see why this would be so much worse than any of the others for negative effects. I am always more inclined to go with books than an instructor simply because a reputable publisher will make damn sure there's nothing in a book that could get them sued so I see no reason why safety precautions from a book wouldn't be enough. I can see that having a guru or teacher for spiritual practice has the advantage of personal guidance tailored to you but am just not willing to put myself in someone elses hands when I am in a suggestible state.
@yrteja (651)
• India
15 Jan 07
no,but you can see it in net.