Global warming

January 14, 2007 1:35pm CST
I have seen a really sad vid and it made me think.. If we dont do something now then maybe not our children but there children will feel the effect of our neglect on our only planet! Goverment and industry wont do sh!t to reduce C02 emissions.. ^*link to video I think it highlights some of the proof that global warming is happening and is not just a cycle!! plus its a real sad song that gets me choked up lol..
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@imrajesh (1965)
• India
14 Jan 07
i have give presentation once on global warming basically it was on kyoto protocol our earth is getting into danger. the earth's temp is rising every year by 1 degree this is alarming and then we can be in danger after some years scientists have said that after 200 years polar ice caps will melt as a result of global warming. so most of the parts which r coastal areas will be submerged and the sea level will rise by 1 meter and then the face of world will change after all this will happen. this is happening as the result of hole in ozone layer and this should be stopped at any cost to save our future generation. this can be done only when one stops the emission of polluting gases and reduce chlorine emissions. a lot of measures r to be taken to reduce and the damage which has already been done cannot be removed so extra steps r required to do this. hope our world will recognize it and take it seriously and make our future generations secure.