Foods To Stay Away From If You Suffer From Gout

@dynaweb (168)
United States
January 14, 2007 1:36pm CST
If you suffer from Gout, consider shunning these foods (damn if they aren't good ones too!) A running list of things that you know increase your chances of a gout onset.
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@buenavida (9879)
• Sweden
10 Feb 07
I used to have gout some ten years ago and it was really painful too, every step hurt and my whole body had aces and pains. What did I do to get rid of it? For a short time I tried a medicine from the doctor but did not feel good about it. I also learnt to avoid certain foods, especially red meat. Then I tried Tahitian Noni Juice and I didnĀ“t even notice when the pain under my feet disappeared. When I stopped drinking the juice, the pain came back. Then I tested gnld food supplements and found that the oils started to clean my body and the pains disappeared even more. During the years I have increased the intake of the food supplements and now I am feeling much better. I can eat almost anything I like but I still avoid transfats and fried food which is not good for anyone, and now I can take even Salmon oil which is something we should be a bit careful with in the beginning when the gout is still there. It is important to begin rather slowly with the food supplements due to the cleaning process they cause. There is lots of information is on the gnld website which you find in my profile and you are welcome to ask me if you wish to know more.