Stroke! How can you handle it???

@ihr485 (117)
January 14, 2007 1:54pm CST
My father got mild stroke last December 2005, because he's a chain smoker & he abused his ownself too much...that's the start of the biggest change in my becomes a big trauma in the family especially in our case, im an only child and it was only me & my mother who suffered all the pains and hardship of taking care of my sick father financially,physically,emotionally, was really hard especially on my part, it happened at the point of my life to which i've decided to resigned from my work coz i realized i've sacrificed & neglected my personal life and give so much of my time working for 15 years! Thats the intersection of my life that i felt lost...i suffered burned out from work and i want to take some break and look for myself if what do i really wanted in my life?my purpose of existance???But i never thought this big trials will happen that december of father suffered mild stroke and i have no choice but to put him on my top priority & say goodbye for a while to my plans of finding myself & perhaps finding my soulmate...even i was almost at the edge of my life and it seems i've lost the guts to pursue my dreams...taking care of a stroke victim is not easy specially with my case that i also have my own life to look up seems everyday is a hard day for us because my father is a very hard headed man and always acting like a child,he always got his tantrums to which you will really lost your temper & patience...its been a year of full sacrifice for us,assisting him on his personal hygiene,taking a bath,brushing his teeth,cleaning his nails & shaving his beard...there was also an instance that you're not yet eating your breakfast and lunch but you have too help him with his call of nature,flushing all the waste in the toilet bowl! cleaning up his mess on the floor when he had many sacrifice!!! i was asking god if this is the purpose of my existance??? it was only prayers that keeping us strong, helping us to move on and keep us going...we're asking for HIM to give us more patience & understanding to make things a little lighter and easier for us...till when???we still don't know...:-((
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