How skeptical are you?

United States
January 14, 2007 5:05pm CST
I'm realizing that the abundance of scams (and I'm sure I only come across a small percentage of them) on the internet have made people extremely skeptical of anything. I recently decided to post an offer to give $1 to online poker players to use in penny tournaments. Instead of an onslaught of members wanting it, I received skeptical responses. I wasn't asking for any money. I wasn't making any wild promises. I'm just curious, how skeptical are you when evaluating websites?
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@finchley (140)
1 Feb 07
I have been through my share of ripoffs and scams - online and offline! But if you become too cynical as a result then you will miss out on many good things. I believe there is a lot of good in people, and I've received a fair share of good turns in setting up my sites and blogs. I just saw the headline for your 'online poker' giveaway and I thought the offers would have been snapped up straight away. Maybe I'm too trusting??
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@avonrep1 (1862)
• United States
19 Mar 07
Muncie I never saw the post, must have gotten lost in the mess of postings of my friends. Anyways I would have been skeptical also. I don't play poker online, so I wouldn't even have been interested, but I am shocked you didn't have any takers, just skeptical responses. So if someone wants it are you paying out? :)
• United States
21 Mar 07
Unfortunately that site has stopped taking U.S. players. But I was able to withdraw my money to another site. At this time, since the amount of sites with U.S. players is dwindling - and my affiliate earnings with them - I'm not able to offer it up.