When Shall it end?

January 14, 2007 11:00pm CST
When will smallville end? Many Characters already died, many stories been twisted, many heroes already come then go, what will happen next? im waiting for the ending of smallville i want to see an awesome ending with Clark and Lana in it ( Sorry Lois :P maybe in Superman i go for Lois but Smallville I Love Lana)
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@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
27 Nov 07
Why would you want this show to end?? I love the show and I would truely be sad to see this show to end. I know all tv shows eventually end cause fans lose interest eventually or new generations don't like the show so less views means not enough money to create more episodes. I Love the stories. I love the new characters. I am curious about this new attudute that Lana Lang has. but I don't have tv show I have to learn what I can before next year until I buy them on dvd. I only watch tv thru dvds. I like it that way no dumb commericals. But I wish missin Smallville every week.
• Philippines
17 May 07
I don't want it to end yet... But I get your point. A lot has happened already and I don't know what more twists they can come up with without pushing it. There were episodes in Season 5 that is so ripped off from other shows/movies like the one where the clown thing from SAW appeared. I didn't like that. But season 6 really picked up the slack of the 5th season. I like that Lana has finally gotten stronger and smarter. The plot is more interesting. I do feel though that season 7 might be the last one. It has finally been established that Lex and Clark are enemies. But one last episode still can't sum up the whole series. Another season should do it. After season 7, I don't know what more they can add to that. Nonetheless, I'm really excited about the finale tomorrow! Also, I haven't read or heard anywhere that Smallville is ending so I'm pretty sure that another season is coming up. :)