What Service for the Community or University Can You Think Of?

@mishang (498)
January 15, 2007 1:43am CST
This is for brainstorming purposes, and i really needs to get your opinions on this so i can have a perspective on what is on high demand for service. What services for community purpose or university purpose do you want to occur at your place or school? please explain your thoughts. thank you very much!
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@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
29 Nov 07
I know this has been eleven months ago, I live in a country where poverty incidences are so high. The thing that comes in my mind is providing these areas or these people alternative financial services, particularly microfinance. In microfinance, you teach this people not just financial management but also you in away impart the skills of an entrepreneur. There have been lots of success stories about them, there was a mother who solely depended on her husband’s earning as a farmer but because of microfinance, she was able to learn that she could earn more as a fruit and vegetable farmer. At first they just, rely on the farming of his husband for their landlord, then years later because of the financial service provided, she learned that she could earn as a vegetable and fruit farmer. She then realized that she could earn more if she encouraged her neighbors to take part in her business. She just did not earn for their family, she was able to help the whole community with the assistance from a microfinance institute. So, why not consider microfinance in your brainstorming. :) You can learn more about microfinance, just surf on the net. :)