feeling during the national holiday

@andygogo (1579)
January 15, 2007 6:26am CST
during this holiday, i am very pleased to have an opportunity to relax. i choose to go to my girlfriend's home. but there is one thing making me feel very tired. finally i decide not to go outside during such holiday. this thing is chinese transportation. when i decided to go, i go to the railway station in shanghai quickly. i believe that i can buy a ticket. because i bought the ten days later's ticket. when i said to the ticket-seller, i feel very disappointed. he told me that all tickets have been sold out. finally i bought a ticket , but there is no seat. it means that i must stand on the train for about twenty hours. it is so long time. however there is no other way, and i must take the train. what made me feel more disappointed is on the train. there are so many people on the train. even there is no available space to let me stand. i think that it is the most difficult time for me to travel since i was born. i know that every one just wanted to go home and enjoy the mid-autumn festival with their family. but i also think that our goverment especially the railway station officials should do more to ensure that every travellors can have a good time during the trip. if there are some people died due to the crowdness, perhaps our goverment would make the necessary methods to avoid the accidents. why they are not choosing to do these things or measures in advance.
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