The baby is NOT his?

January 15, 2007 8:24am CST
Someone close to me told me about her huge problem. She said that she had a last minute moment of madness before she got married. She did this because her doctor told her that she could never have a baby due to some problems in her reproductive organ. Then one week after her married life, she found out that she was pregnant and her husband thinks that the baby is his. The husband is very happy because this baby is a miracle baby as they say. Now, my friend is troubled that the baby may not be her husband's. She may be carrying another man's baby but nobody knows. My friend does not know how to say this to her husband because she does not want to upset her husband. She is scared of what her husband might do if he finds out that their "baby" is not his.
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@glummy (193)
• Philippines
18 Jan 07
It is still the best to be honest in everything. If the guy loves her, then he'd accept your friend despite of that mistake.
@royrules1 (180)
• India
18 Jan 07
if she feels guilty she better open it to her husband about this may be she can consult a doctor and have a genetic test which will confirm her doubts .
@ladygam (564)
• Philippines
18 Jan 07
Why would she be worrying about it? Tell her to shut her mouth, deliver the baby and raise it well. Come what may.
• United States
15 Jan 07
She still needs to tell him so maybe later in life if the child needs a blood transfusion, he won't find out that way. It is really probably going to bad for her. I wish her all the luck.
@sbbcackk (99)
• Ecuador
15 Jan 07
if it was just "a moment of madness", and she loves her husband, I don't think she should tell him. what would be the reason? would the actual father assume responsibility? does she love the father or the husband?