what do u normally do during weekend?

@nhicie (37)
January 15, 2007 8:55am CST
kindly share your thoughts here...tnx.
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@secretbear (19460)
• Philippines
26 Jan 08
hi nhicie! ^__^ weekend is my most awaited day of the week because i can rest and relax a lot! i spend my weekend surfing the net, watching tv and movies, playing with my little nephew and then doing personal chores like washing my underwears, and doing my grocery. i usually buy my personal needs during weekend because i don't have the time during weekdays. and then, i also reply to letter from my friends, shop with my bestfriend, or go to a friend's place, and then, sometimes, clean my room. ^__^;;
@friend31 (32)
• India
1 Feb 07
go for movie
@vicky19810 (1601)
• China
19 Jan 07
for me ,i have one and a half day for my weekend,as i will do working for half of a day in satuday,indeed for the whole day of satuday.so i often have a rest on satuday afternoon,or go out in supper time.but on sunday,i will go out for shopping around in the center of the city togather with my friends and my boyfriend.we always go shopping,or go to singing,as we all like singing in KTV.
@suahsan (785)
• United States
15 Jan 07
well normally i spent my time on net and find some new things which is best for me and talked with my partners and gorup and spent whole night and day there...
@abhax123 (1695)
• India
15 Jan 07
Sleep and net thats it or movie or hang out with friends
@desiret (2119)
• Italy
15 Jan 07
generally I used to stay with my family, with my daughters and with my husband who work far from us.
@mishang (498)
• Philippines
15 Jan 07
i usually hangout with my guy and think about nothing but having fun, because during weekdays, it's always about work work and work.