I required 600 watt pure sine wave Uninterrupted power Supply

October 4, 2006 8:34am CST
Dear Sir/ Madam: I am from Bangladesh. A country badly needed of power in terms of back up power or alternate power. Due to high price of fuel and also being a poor country we are in betten a blead where both edages are sharpe. I would like to request you to provie me with every details for the manufacturing of 1000 watt, 1500watt and 2000 watt dc to ac power inverter which will be used in varity of loads (such as capacitive load, inductive load and as well as resistive load). In some cases the load will require huge start up current too. My primary objective to design something for back up and later going to put a module which can generate power to charge this backup systems. I would like to use second hand car battery and/or deep cycle marine battery (which are easy avialble as Bangladesh has the largest shipp breaking industry) which has huge amps. I will really appreciate if anyone can help me out with the above and thus help us to withstand and.or easy a little of a power shortage of 2000 MW coutnry wide each day (currently national output is 3200 MW and requirement is 5200 MW). I really need the above. Please help me out. With regards and thanks in advance. rassel ###
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