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January 15, 2007 3:41pm CST
Can U peoples tell me TEN different ways of getting out in cricket.
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@patootie (3593)
15 Jan 07
Okay ... a 'mere' female is going to have a go at listing the ways you can be out in cricket ... 1) Caught - probably the most common way 2) Bowled - ball getting past the batter and knocking the bails off the stumps 3) LBW - the batters pad obstructing the ball reaching the stumps 4) Run out - one of the batsmen not reaching the crease before the stumps are broken by the fielding team Hmm getting harder now 5) Stumped - when a batsman moves away from the crease to hit the ball .. misses it and the wicket keeper breaks the stumps before he can get his body or bat back behind the crease 6) Handling the ball - the batsman hitting the ball away from the stumps with his hand rather than his bat or feet 7) Double hit - batsman deliberately hitting the ball twice Thinks .. much harder now 8) Batsman hitting the wicket - batsman knocking the bails off the stumps with his bat or body 9) Obstruction - the batsman obstructing a member of the fielding side to stay in or get extra runs How am I doing .. 1 more ... tough 10) New batsman not getting to the crease in time - I think after a batsman is given out the new batsman has to be at the crease within a certain time ... How did I do ... ??
• United States
16 Jan 07
Great response patootie. Can you kind of explain how the scoring works in cricket? I have never seen a cricket game, but I have been reading about the Ashes and the score will be like, 214-36. Is that a serious whoopin' on a team? How can a team outscore another like that? I hope to see a game of cricket someday!
• India
16 Jan 07
very well done parootie, but can u add one more to it .lets see how well a 'mere' female does this time..
@patootie (3593)
17 Jan 07
Well this 'mere' female knows there are only 10 ways to be out in cricket according to the rules ... heheh!!