January 15, 2007 4:44pm CST
How long have you been a member of Bebo? What do you think of it, and what are its advantages? What would you like to see more of, or something new? I like bebo as you can talk to friends, when you normally cannot, or dont see them. I would also like to see, people can make their own skins where, bebo shrinks the pictures down too size, and not, at certain sizes which, are hard to find. Tell me your opinions pto the questions above, in full please? thanjs
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@bigfelah (73)
• New Zealand
28 Feb 07
Hi there, 3 of my kids have bebo pages. Well actually just the 1 now as the other 2 have been banned from it by my partner and I. Turns out you have to be over 14 to join and 2 of my younger kids gave bogus birthdates so they could join. I didnt know this at first because they showed me all the pages belonging to their friends from school who are of the same age (10 and under). I thought it hilarious the messages they sent to one another and the polls they put up about themselves. So I actually thought it was healthy and humurous interaction for the kids. One day my partner came home and announced that he'd heard some negative discussion about how bebo could be dangerous to younger individuals not wary about the dangers of such sites, ie giving out personal information to strangers etc. Then my 10 yr old son piped up yeah he had to give a dud age to get on. Although I had enjoyed the content of the pages the kids visited and they were quite happy to share it all with me I had no alternative but to delete their pages and ban them from this site. Personally if your chat room savvy about the dangers I think it is a great site for people and their friends.
28 Feb 07
Just to say they can choose an option where, Only people who are on their friends and, other people who are not their friends then, can't see their page. This would be good for them and, is added security. but yeah they are a bit young.
• Canada
3 Feb 07
I've been a member for a couple months now I think. I think it's much better than, for the simple fact that my computer freezes whenever I go to myspace.LOL I just wish that a) you could see who's viewed your profile and b)when you check to see who on your hotmail address book is a member, you could just go straight to their page instead of emailing them and having to wait for a response.
4 Feb 07
I agree, Id like to see that on Bebo as well.
• Indonesia
20 Jan 07
ahhhhhh what is this site? i try to open it but it can open. too slow. is this similar with myspace or friendster?
21 Jan 07
Yeah it is, and its awesome lol
@Clairec23 (136)
• Ireland
30 Sep 07
I've been on bebo for a year I think but I've only really gotten into it recently. I've gotten in touch with people I went to school with whom I haven't seen in 8 years so that was great! The Bebo Author pages are brilliant too, I love the fact that all of these young writers have a chance to share their creativity, it's class :) Safety and privacy needn't be an issue as it is impossible for someone to view your page if you set it as private and only allow people that you have verified as your friends to see it. You can block anyone from viewing your page and it's great to get back in touch with people so I really like the site.