Do you earn money if someone respond to ur discussion?

January 15, 2007 8:15pm CST
Untill now, i really don't know how u can earn money from mylot. How much will u get from posting a topic of discussion? of from responding to other people's discussions. Or even commenting on a respond. Can somebody help me please?
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• Netherlands
16 Jan 07
+1 if you start a discussion. +1 if ppl reply
@ashraine (178)
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
huh?? what do you mean by this?? so its better to start a discussion??? meaning, for example i started a discussion, then five (5) persons replied, so do i get +5??
@rajee2007 (331)
• India
16 Jan 07
I mew to mylot. I do not know what i will do for earning more in my lot.
• China
16 Jan 07
Don't do this just for money, if you are English native speaker, you can make lots of friends here, and you can share your ideas with others, if you are not English native speaker, you can practice your English, I think, at least for me, earning money is the second here. If you do this as one of your interests, you will get lots of fun, and earning money is no doubt.
@katyzzz (2902)
• Australia
16 Jan 07
No, I don't think so
@totnakish (141)
• Philippines
16 Jan 07
just believe in it and keep on posting until you get good in typing and ull become a grate encoder.hehehe!
• Indonesia
16 Jan 07
I believe so, coz a few days ago i started some discussion and only made 1-2 responds. at that day, many replied my topics. and after 24 hours my earnings increase greater than usual. since i only made 1-2 replies, i believe making discussion that are replied by others will earn you some money from mylot