what is the scariest movie you have seen?

@celray (141)
United States
January 15, 2007 8:18pm CST
for me is "The Exorcisim of Emily Rose", this movie scared the pants off from me and my husband, i found myself covering my eyes through the whole movie.
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@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
16 Jan 07
In a different way, I think Misery was a movie that certainly kept you on the edge of your seat and made you jump.
• United States
16 Jan 07
i saw a movie called "House of Wax", on one of scenes the wacko poured the hot wax on a guy starting from the head and eventually covered up his whole body. I didn't know what happened because I had my eyes closed for that entire scene.
@amaine (2037)
• Philippines
16 Jan 07
bangkok haunted , , i even went out of the movie house because i can't take it anymore , , there are goosebumps all around my skin, , spooky
@maryannemax (12168)
• Sweden
16 Jan 07
the scariest movie that i have ever seen is jeepers creepers 1 and 2. it's really scary that i always jump off my seat whenever i get surprised from the scenes!