Looking for a Doctor who treats Lyme Disease

United States
October 4, 2006 10:54am CST
I live in western north Carolina, and there is a woman who was bitten by a deer tick in March, and has been sick ever since. She has tested positive for Lyme's, but her doctor doesn't think she has it(!) Anyway, I am looking for a doctor in NC who treats Lyme disease on her behalf. Thanks!!!
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@DeborahWY (306)
• Singapore
9 Oct 06
What's Lyme disease? Has it got to do with the bite by the deer?
• United States
9 Oct 06
Lyme's Disease is contracted from being bitten by an infected deer tick. They are much smaller than the ticks we typically see on a dog.
• Singapore
14 Oct 06
Thanks for explaining. I am sorry I can't be of help but I do hope fellow MyLot community from your country can offer some help so that this woman can find a cure.
14 Oct 07
hey if your still looking for lyme docs in nc your probabely not gonna find one.theres only like 50 lyme docs in the US.I live in texas and ther are no doctors for lyme in tx. now maybe some people say there are some but they are NOT good.we used to have to go to missorie for lyme treatment it was so hard cause we had to drive we couldnt afford the plane tickets but the best one that i know of is in loisiana.its alot better to drive there instead.i know what you mean about the doc not ecsepting that she has lyme thoh. evry doc youl go to will say your nuts i know my mom got tested and the doc said shes nuts. theres also one in new york somwere i forgot where in eggsactly where it is.if i can get my mom to right some informatoin on here for ya shell know Alot of that stuff im sure that will help you alot.
@CatEyes (2449)
• United States
27 Jan 07
I have lyme also and it can be very difficult to deal with. Most doctors don't "believe" it because they will be considerded a threat is they start treating you. There are some web site you can go to. I am in TX and there is none here, I have to go to MO or to LA for the nearest one. Try the following; www.lymenet.org www.aldf.com www.lymedisease.org There are support groups all over the place for this and you will find a doctor. The only way to realy start to feel better is with long term usage of antibiotics; I know your family and theirs will prob be against it, but the women has a active bateria in her. Though it is slow growing, it will never leave your system. Reason being? It hides in your bones, brain and tissue. It is hard to treat, but if you find the right coctail a person can live a somewhat ok life. You can email for more info you would like.