How do you deal with a friend that has BAD ODOR?

January 16, 2007 3:04am CST
I have a friend that really has a bad odor. Over time I remained quiet about it and honestly its not really easy smelling a bad odor, most of the time i crave for fresh air when im with her. I would say that I cant avoid her in a way coz she always have stories to tell me, and I dont really like her to feel bad if I tell her about that odor. But one day, a not so close acquaintance told me that everyone knows about that odor and that she became the laughing stuff of most people already. So i told another close friend of ours about this and we decided to tell her the truth and gave her roll ons, cologne and soap. BUt this didnt seem to be a good idea. After that open forum, she stayed away from me and to our friends already. She just kept her distance from us. She is not the same energetic woman that I use to know. She wont even talk to me that much like the way we use to. What do u think should I do?
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@Signal20 (2281)
• United States
16 Jan 07
Maybe you guys didn't approach her the right way about it. She's probably embarassed about it. I think you should've told her, she needed to know, especially if everyone was laughing about it. You probably shouldn't have gone over there though with deodorant, soap, & cologne. That may come across as kind of rude. I'd go to her, apologize if she was offended by what you said/did, but explain you didn't know how else to tell her. Don't tell her people are making fun of her behind her back, that'll just make her more upset. Maybe she has some kind of problem, and she can't control it.