Cn ur X b ur gud fren?????

January 16, 2007 5:19am CST
my fren js had a breakup recently n she thnks it won b possible 4 her 2 b frenz wid her bf cz smwhere down d line she still loves him...I tel her dat she cn b frenz wid him...... cz dey both knw each othr too well n i thnk dey cn always b 2gthr as gud frens n cn help each othr weneva 1 is in a need.... wat do u thnk???? wat should she do????
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16 Jan 07
point.....they do knw each other....but it can be a bit tricky being frendzz...especially if one of them is not TOTALLY over the other..!! how is that gurl goin 2 stand wen the guy (his FREND now!!) goin around or pursuing sum otha gurl???!!! its best left wer it is.... bcoz u guyz cant b best of frendz but yeh(jealousy is definately gonna com ova!) but yeh ...the guyz can def call one another up frm tym 2 tym....!! wat say?? wink wink
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18 Jan 07
thx 4 ur response dear
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17 Jan 07
according to me if u broken with ur good frn and again u both want to get united they can cope up but regarding love if they got seperated and again they want to be good frens then its not frenship but they still love and cant live with out them