How to beat stress???

January 16, 2007 5:50am CST
Can someone telll me how exactly to tackel sterss???
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@overtaker (207)
• India
17 Jan 07
i beat stress by meditation...really that works jus sit relaxed,many of us think meditation means to sit in the same posture that we see and think of something really that we cant,but actually meditation means to sit relaxed in a comfortable position and concentrate on ur breath...thats it simple...stress vapourises
@kfg20012003 (1037)
• India
17 Jan 07
Aerobic activity such as vigorous walking is, in my opinion, the best way to reduce stress and improve overall quality of life,walk or do whatever type of exercise you feel comfortable with. You may prefer to join a health club. Go outdoors whenever possible; a little sunshine and activity can have amazing ramifications on your stress level and will enhance your entire outlook towards life.some other ways to beat stress are Other ways to beat stress include; deep breathing exercises, massage..
• United States
16 Jan 07
Listen to calming, soothing music. Find such music, even if you download it from a P2P filesharing site. Listening to calm music will keep your stress to a low. It won't matter where you find it, as long as you listen to it.
@lemmor (30)
• Philippines
16 Jan 07
to much stress is bad for your body, so attempt to control absolutely everything. try to control other people both what they do and also what they think. analyze first your action before it becomes your problem