Do you like Tea or Coffee?? Is TEA better than Coffee

@gloria777 (1675)
January 16, 2007 9:12am CST
My day starts with a Bed Tea and I can't replace with Coffee even for a single day. I do take Coffee, but normally in Winter season. I have read many articles about benefits of drinking TEA. For years, Scientist have been telling us that tea is good for heart. But adding Milk to that refreshig cuppa could destroy all the health benefits. Tests showed that while tea helped improve blood flow by increasing ability of arteries to relax and expand but milk completely counteracats the effect. German researchers say the results could help explain why Britain's Tea-drinking culture has had little effect on the prevalence of heart disease because most of them add milk. Drinking Black tea improves the ability of the artery to relax and expand, but adding milk completely blunts the effect. The findings suggested that milk proteins interacted with the tea to decrease the concentration of antioxidants which protect against disease.
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@manya_pearl (1903)
• Singapore
23 Feb 08
I like them both. But if you're asking which one is better, i prefer tea. Tea has antioxidant and its good for your health. But if i have so many things to do and i need to finish them all, i will drink coffee. Its stimulants and energizing! I know coffee and tea has negative effects. Drink coffee everyday makes you addict and its not good for your body metabolism, while consume tea everyday can change your teeth color.