Abortion, how you view it and the definition of a human life

January 16, 2007 11:12am CST
Please before answering , answer what is on your mind and your heart or soul etc. Do not answer things that you have read, seen or heard from somewhere or someone. I am asking for personal views and opinions. Do not intellectualize. It's a matter of your personal understanding. We studied this is our Health Ethics/ Medical Ethics class I'm really confused as to why they argued the "humanity" of a fetus during the case of Jane Roe where they favored her human rights vs. her unborn child. I am not condemning abortion or the people who practice abortion. What I am questioning is how did they come up ( the people who approved it )with a value of how one can be deemed human. They said that since a fetus of under 7 months cannot live outside the mother's womb it is said that it is not yet human and so it can be terminated. They defined it as a combination of criterion of one incapable of living outside the womb or on it's own, one without reason and rational thinking, with no contribution to society. So a fetus has neither of any of those that is why it can be terminated. It has no human rights. Here is where it got me really confused. So I asked my professor, if they put that value or definition of a human then what do they call it? What does a human man and woman produce? Is it a dog? A rabbit? A cow? How can they possibly question the humanity of that unborn child if the one bearing it is a human female impregnated by a human male. A human will produce a human. Anyone human out there who produced something other than a human please speak out. And guess what? My professor didn't have an answer for me. So I asked him again that a full term baby or a child the age of 4 or 5 years will still not be a contribution to society. They still have no real reasoning skills, they cannot rationalize. So do we kill them? How about psychologically challenged persons? They also fall under the criterion of a non-human of a fetus so do we kill them? Our elderly who cannot even distinguish a husband and son, who thinks that it's still World War 2, do we kill them? Do they have no human rights as well? And yet still my professor in ethics did not have an answer for me. So what do you think guys? Please no lecturing, flaming. I just want an honest response on your personal thoughts on the matter of this people defined being human and therefore having the rights of one.
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