Bill Collectors attitudes

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January 16, 2007 11:19am CST
Hey is it me or are bill collectors becoming more and more nasty and rude. The other day I had a bill collector call me and pretty much tell me I would pay a past due bill I had when I was a teenager because I would be less of woman if I did not own up to it. Of course I had to put him in his place because do they think that by threatning and making ignorant comments a person would be more willing to hear what they have to say and pay off existing bills because I know with me it would only be the total opposite I am more likely to tell them off and hang up afterwards. What do you all think about the approach these bill collectors are taking nowdays.
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• United States
17 Jan 07
This happend to me one time it went on for months and was so bad that I was afraid to answer my own phone. This bill collector was trying to collect for a hospital bill that I had and could not possibly afford to pay it and every time I would try to tell him what I could afford he would get rude with me and tell me that, that was not good enough. He would put me down for the kind of job that I had, which to me was a darn good job, he would put me down for having a house payment and car payments. He went as far as to tell me that I should just let my car go back so that I could afford to pay them what they wanted. I finally got tired of how rude he was and called his company and asked for his supervisor. At first he tried telling me that there was no one above him that I could talk to. I just told him that unless he owned the company there was someone above him. He put me through to a real nice lady, she listend to everything I told her about him and then she asked what I could afford to pay. Her and I made arrangements and she promised that I would never have to speak with him again concerning my bill. It took me 3 years but I did pay that bill off and she was true to her word I never did have to talk with him again.