June 28, 2006 6:13am CST
hi!i have a problem with my parents about going out until late or being alone for a long time with my boyfriend and things like that..if you can help me send me please!
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30 Jun 06
talk to ur parents about iit and u might be benefitted..... u may reach an agreement which suits u and them too.... will be a compromise but will be 4 gud. good luck.
@Andy77 (431)
• United States
29 Jun 06
Dear SooSexy, As I look at your name, I can see why your parents are worried! If you think you're sexy, what must your boyfriend think? Take it easy! You've got many years to get involved and stay out late. Your parents want to protect you from pregnancy, disease, and heartbreak!
• United States
28 Jun 06
If you are being responsible with your parent's wishes they probably won't be so hard on you. Ask yourself this: Is being out late really the right thing for you to do? Is your boyfriend a good influence on you? I would start here as I assure you that is what your parents are doing :)
@mashama (13)
28 Jun 06
If you are a teenager, it is usual to have parents worry about their daughter. They might look they are interfering in your dating too much, but I think they are just caring about you. Talk with your parents about it. Try to understand what they think and also try to be understood how you feel and think. I hope you will find the best way to solve this problem. Good luck!