cultural differences

culture in india - india famous for culture why there are diffrent culutre in world
January 16, 2007 1:13pm CST
cultural differences This question I asked at the global friends community but I wanted to ask you something:I do voluntary work, we are organising international workcamps where about 15 young people come together to do construction/ nature/ social voluntary work. We had one returning issue this year at some workcamps in the Netherlands. There were conflicts between the Dutch camp leaders and some volunteers from countries of Southern Europe. The volunteers were very relaxed, they were always late for appointments. They took their time to drink coffee, make some phonecalls and relax, while the Dutch campleaders were very much in a hurry and got more and more stressed. The more they got stressed, the less willing the others became to hurry up. What's the best way to bridge this kind of cultural differences? The stressed reaction of the campleaders didn't work.
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