Beware of peptic ulcer!

@Karyee (57)
January 16, 2007 1:17pm CST
I worked in a pharmacy for just 2 months. On the 1st day working there, I was quite syrprised to see that an elderly man buying a box(not just a strip) of pain killer pills (not the specific COX-II inhibitor). Over the 1 month, the elderly man, which is a regular customer there, frequented the pharmacy with the same purchases-pain killer pills. Not long after my 1st month working, I was told that the old man admitted into a hospital because of bleeding in stomach, with severe peptic ulcer. I'd been told by his son that he's popping the pain killer pills like taking sweets for all this while. Luckily, the old man's recuperating. Be careful when taking medication-take notes of the contraindications, side effect of the drugs.
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