Malaysia Toll increase

January 16, 2007 3:30pm CST
Are you a Malaysian live in Kuala Lumpur? Then are you affected with the recent toll increase. With the increase it's certainly add more burden to the people, especially the lower and middle income earner. The reason Government is giving is they have an agreement with the concessionaires and the cabinet has approved this. If not the Government need to pay the amount. I'm just asking one simple question to the Government, who is this Government? Who is the hell is paying the money? Is any of this "Government Ministers" paying from their pocket? It's all our money.. Our hard earned TAX money. This is just not right. The "Government" creating more burden to people. Instead of having better milk powder, some even need to down grade their current brand.
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@Zhanec (1652)
• Malaysia
25 Jan 07 good can do to rant at here.There's not many Malaysian here.Yea,like the previous forumer said "vote for those that deserve"..U can play your part by voting.However i hardly believe that the goverment will listen to our ranting.
@toi_toi (124)
• Malaysia
28 Jan 07
Yeah it's true. In fact, those who rant on endlessly as if we are allowed to practice freedom of speech are now being charged in court. Refer to
@gahsoon (187)
• Malaysia
26 Feb 07
A recent survey shows that people in the city tend to vote on the opposition party in the upcoming election. That tells the truth that people who live in the city have had enough from the current 'People'. But for those Kampong voters, they do not sufffer that much and thats why our BN can still sweeeeept the election at anytime. how sad.
@hfadzli (439)
• Malaysia
25 Feb 07
Well, all i can say is we cant do much here. Goverment always wins. And i agree with you that the people here is already burden with a lot of things lately..epecially the fuel i guess..
@smartnrich (1067)
• Malaysia
24 Feb 07
I don't likes the current situation,all people suffering now and must doing something for improvement to make sure the government hear our problem.As an example,although the price of world oil decrease, why its here still at the same price.Its fair or not?
@toi_toi (124)
• Malaysia
25 Jan 07
At this rate we can do nothing much. Do you think they care about all this discussions made online? It's all talk and it won't affect them a bit. If you really love Malaysia and want to make a change, please register yourself as a voter and then you can make a difference. Vote for DAP!