Childhood memories

@ichurn (611)
January 16, 2007 8:06pm CST
Do you value your childhood memories? Do you have good childhood memories. Mine were the times that I just play and play. I would say I enjoyed my childhood because I was then carefree and happy. Well, this time, I also keep myself carefree and happy in different ways.
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
19 Feb 07
I find that my childhood was a very troubled one mixed with a few years that were good. I remember that I always wished I could have had an easier and happier childhood but the memories I have are not always that. I always talk about how good my years were in Saskatchewan because I believe that they truly were my happiest moments as a child. Once we moved out of Saskatchewan I find that my childhood became a very tough one with a lot of hard times and issues that were not easy to handle. I remember quite a lot about the memories I had in Saskatchewan as a child. They help to comfort me at times when I'm upset or just feeling down. I used to remember going swimming in the lake that I used to live nearby. At the time my mother had her own restaurant and when it came to be lunchtime, she would always send someone over from her workplace with lunch for us. I remember how we used to always go with her to the restaurant as well & sit in the back & just watch her work.. And how we used to always get free food whenever we wanted.. And we'd sit in the back with our coloring books & color while looking up from time to time watching our mom cook the food.. I remember how much I had loved the restaurant she owned because of how much fun I used to have back then just from being able to watch my mom cook the food when she was at the restaurant. I wish we would have never moved.. As I believe some of the best memories from my childhood we're when we used to sit in that restaurant watching my mom take orders, cook the food, & still make time for us some how.. I remember pretending that me and my sister were figure skating on the lawn in the summer time. Our neighbors we're never there as they we're on vacation back then.. So we'd use there lawn to pretend we we're figure skaters.. We used to love Kurt Browning back then & would always pretend we we're figure skating with him on our neighbors lawn.. We used to have competitions seeing who could make themselves go higher up in the air.. Almost like we we're real figure skaters competing against each other.. In the winter we would actually go skating and when we were pretending on the lawn in summer we would always do those moves actual figure skaters do. I remember having so much fun skating in winter and pretending in summer when there wasn't any ice to skate on. I remember so many times all of us bundling up on my mom's days off.. And taking the dog with us skating on the ice.. And how she'd slide across the ice with us & how much we'd be giggling while she we'd be observing her doing this.. I used to remember spending a lot of time outside pretending I had an imaginary friend as well. Usually every time after supper I would tell them I had to go because my imaginary friend wanted to go exploring.. So after each dinner I used to always just go roaming around and exploring the outdoors with my 'imaginary friend' at the time. I actually ended up getting everyone to talk to her pretending like she was a real live person.. I remember so many times relatives would ask me if my imaginary friend would like a ice cream cone.. And they'd pretend to be feeding it to her & drops of the ice cream would fall on the floor.. I love how my relatives back then would play along with my vivid imagination that I had back then. I as well remember how when time my sister & me combined our mattresses together.. And would pack them all the way up to the ceiling & we'd climb up on top.. And we'd pretend that we couldn't fall off of the mattresses as if we did.. Sharks would end up eating us alive.. So we'd pretend sometimes that we'd be falling off of the mattresses & we'd have to pull each other back up.. I love how our imaginations would run wild back then.. I also remember how I used to watch cartoons each Saturday morning & would cling to the stuffed animals I had back then.. I feel like now that I am a grown adult I try to revisit my childhood from time to time.. I have started collecting a lot of the stuffed animals or toys that I had to leave behind when we moved from Saskatchewan to where we are now.. As I feel by collecting the stuffed animals or toys I had back then that.. It helps me to revisit my childhood but it also enables me to.. Collect the things that I had missed out on as a kid or had taken away from me.. In conclusion.. I do indeed value my childhood memories.. But I had a very troubled childhood, very broken.. I think all of the things I had listed above are the things that helped me, as well as my sibling to block out the abuse that was going on within our home.. Or even the painful things that we're occurring right before our very own eyes.. I am glad I had these ways of escaping as if I didn't who knows if I would have had any good childhood at all.. I am just thankful that at least a tiny part of my childhood has memories that I love to revisit from time to time as often as I can! . . Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
• Philippines
20 Jan 07
i have so many childhood memories. maybe because those are the happiest times of my life. i wish i could go back to those carefree days.