British troops stage daring helicopter rescue in Afghanistan

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January 16, 2007 10:08pm CST
Four British soldiers in Afghanistan strapped themselves to the wings of fast-moving Apache attack helicopters in a daring attempt to rescue a comrade shot by the Taliban, the defense ministry said Wednesday. "This is believed to be the first time UK forces have ever tried this type of rescue mission ... It was an extraordinary tale of heroism and bravery of our airmen, soldiers and marines who were all prepared to put themselves back into the line of fire to rescue a fallen comrade," said UK Task Force spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Rory Bruce. Royal Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Ford, 30, was shot on Monday when more than 200 British troops attacked the Islamist militia's Jugroom Fort in southern Helmand province. When Ford was discovered to be missing, the Marines first planned a rescue attempt with armored personnel carriers, but when the Apaches became available they decided the fast attack helicopters provided the best opportunity to rescue him. But the helicopters can only carry a pilot and a gunner, although according to The Guardian newspaper there are attachments on the wings that soldiers can harness themselves to in emergencies. Two troops each were strapped to the wings of two Apache helicopters, with a third Apache and several ground units providing covering fire. After landing at the site of the earlier battle, the four soldiers found Ford dead, but were able to recover his body. greetings. : )
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19 Jan 07
That is so sad. I'm glad they attempted a rescue because at least the found his body before anything terrible was done to it.