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January 16, 2007 10:52pm CST
The first four hours have brought up some very controversial topics. What are your thoughts on some of them? Interment camps? Trusting terrorists? Treatment of terrorists in custody? Waiving of some Constitutional protections in the event of extreme circumstances? What would have been your plan of action if you were in President Palmer's place, watching those events unfold, trying to catch/negotiate with a terrorist?
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@pmcdee (272)
17 Jan 07
I think you should be a little careful of your opening posts. Many people wont have watched these episodes yet and so may be a bit confused or upset about you telling them that wayne is the next president, and that they end up trusting Azad. Not knocking your views just saying to write them with caution. We both know what an amazing program 24 is but im sure there have been times where you have missed an episode or 2 just for someone to tell you what happened thinking that you have seen it. Makes the episode naturally less exciting.
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17 Jan 07
Wait, I just read over my post and it could have been about any of the first four seasons. Actually, you gave away more in your response. I think these are themes that come up each year. With that in mind, I just want to get people thinking about the way we treat terrorists. Is it too lightly or is it too forcefully unfair?