How you feel being controlled..?

@sahergul (774)
January 16, 2007 11:15pm CST
i saw alot people around just following their insticnts and flowing with the time and have no purpose of life... they are just doing the same routine things and do not bother to even think about future... they are losing their values, norms even cultures... from last few days i've started thinking to feel different every new day... like when i get up i just start thinking about day like how can i best utilize it and how to plan it best productive and helping to coming other new day... most of people goto bed late and waiste time at bars and watching tv... i was the same, but i think when you have some purpose in life or even if you start living in present and make some plans in advance for the coming day you just then get satisfy and try to sleep and get up early to feel good and ready for following the purpose... yes i think satisfaction is the main thing which makes people stay at bars and watch tv or sit to comp... i think one should have Strategy for his life, where he just sets long and short term goals for him / her... and i am sure every step of him will be with wisdom, like even when he'll meet someone he will behave properly... like getting pride and prestige can be a part of strategy.. establishing yourself as a good person around etc... whta do you think about whatever i shared...? please guide me, may be i just get some other means and dimensions to my thoughts ...
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