What is love and how do you know you are in love?

October 5, 2006 4:43am CST
All through the discussions, love gets confused with lust gets confused with friendship and caring etc. How do you know you are in love with someone? How is it different after 15 years? Is it love when you can't think about anyone but them after the first two seconds? Some people say love happens straight away, others say love takes time. Does this mean it can't happen straight away? So that's the question friends, how do you know you are in love? What you are prepared to do? How you feel? your toes go curly? You can't imagine living without them?
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• Philippines
11 Dec 06
True love has feelings, tender feelings which are put in the human heart by a caring God. but love is not composed of feelings only. It is feeling plus principle. Moreover, love is not controlled by feelings. It does not do anything and everything it feels. rather, in love, the feelings are under the control of principle.
@rakleen (566)
• India
5 Oct 06
love is an inner feeling which make a person think good.