Thing you will Take on Sahara Desert??

@u2bibek (193)
January 17, 2007 1:54am CST
okey frens... certainly our life is full of needs.. one day certainly you are forced to stay in Sahara Desert... You are given only 5 things of the world to take with you.. what will b ur selection.. hope u wud choose n share with me.. one of mah fren choose... Water, Fire, His GF, TV and Phone.. now ur turn to choose
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5 responses
• United States
20 Jan 07
1. a hose long enough to hook into the nearest water supply. 2. an umbrella to protect me from the sun. 3. ton of food. 4. my computer so I could still be connected with the world. 5. my phone so I could call someone to come and pick me up.
@biratm (162)
• Nepal
19 Jan 07
i would probably take water,food,camp materials,clothes and a camel.
@maryannemax (12168)
• Sweden
17 Jan 07
gosh. if ever i'd be going to sahara desert, i will bring loads of water, food, a celphone, my computer and a sunscreen lotion!
• India
17 Jan 07
I would take all the items you chose except fire and in its place your earning from Are you willing to part with it ?
@darckj (885)
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
food, water, fire, gadgets of james bond and kim possible, my secret someone.. maybe you like to ask me, what if im in the middle of the ocean floating, what will i do? haha.. or what if you are in space alone with no space suit, will you still be alive? lol! just kidding.. just trying to change the boring atmosphere here in the computer shop..