how can a person improve their concentration?????

January 17, 2007 3:39am CST
i think that by doing meditation one can improve the concentration ur comments?
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@jithinsb (520)
• India
17 Jan 07
i too think that by doing meditation we will be able to get concentration on other things..but at first,it is very difficult to get concentration on mediataion..a thousand things will be there in our mind when we start to meditate and that wont allow us concentrate. what we have to do is we must try ,try and try until we get the right control over our mind..then automatically we will be able to get our mind to our control in our future meditations..i too have tried to meditate but at first i didnt get that above said concentration..but as i repeatedly tried it for many many times may be atleast 10 times with 1 hour each..atlast i was able to get some control over my mind.. somepeople say thatif we sit in a dark room and we stare at a lighted candle with full concentration we will be able to control our mind..this will very well help us to overcome our emotions and desperations..