Really depressed help required!!!

January 17, 2007 3:56am CST
This is long and painful story but i'll summarise it... I loved my cousin she loved me too... for 2 years everything went perfect but after that time it got real bad... we started fighting at small things.. she started to become very very possessvie. I like my dad's cousin very much but just as a friend infact i love her as a friend. she is 8 years elder than me. but when my cousin got to know about it things got really bad and now she says either quit her or me. I'm really depressed, even my mom has started asking that what has happened to me. I do know what to do.. cause my dad's cousin is soo sweet and cares alot about me. how can i desert her. i gave her support in badtimes so know she as likes me a lot. what should i do??? i'm totally confused... please someone help.. Now i feel that my love for my own cousin is getting lesser. sometimes i feel like cutting my wrist.. i havn't done it yet but it seems i soon will... :'(
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@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
17 Jan 07
Your cousin is jealous , you must try to spend less and less time with her and find new friends to spend time with. when she sees shecn no longer control you and make you sad or angry, she will grow up a little and stop beingso selfish. You might start looking for a wife farther afield than your family.
• Pakistan
17 Jan 07
hmmm... I also think that she is jealous. but i dont wanna leave her right now the reason is that she is passing through a lot of tension. Her mom just recently had an heart attack and is admitted in the hospital. if i leave her at this time, it'll be my selfishness. right??? or shd i so as you say???