whrere have all gone..?

@rajgupta (208)
January 17, 2007 4:33am CST
today i started 2-3 discussion..but didnt get any response.. seems every body busy doing something ..else. or have got any other site to make quick money..is it so..?
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@baietzika (586)
• Romania
17 Jan 07
if you get no ansewr i belive they erase them. try to olso ansewr to others so others will ansewr to you too.
@rajgupta (208)
17 Jan 07
oh...is it like that.... if i wud respond then only i wud get..response... ok ..i sud do that.. thanks
@asazam (159)
• Netherlands
18 Jan 07
hey it does happen to new users. once u get along with mylot u kno how to make more attractive discussions. so keep striving like me
@mcrowl (1050)
• New Zealand
18 Jan 07
I think MyLot is about as good as it gets in terms of forums that make money. But getting answers to discussions is always a problem: some discussions take off, some get completely ignored. It has nothing to do with your discussion, often, just with the mood of the day, or who comes across it, or who doesn't, or whether people bother to answer. I've got several discussions that have never had a response. (By the way, I don't think they erase them - or if they do, it takes quite a while, as I've answered discussions going back three months or more). Just persevere. Some of your discussions will go well, and some will just drift away into nothing! Boo hoo!! :)