Boycotting Blockbuster

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January 17, 2007 7:22am CST
I'm boycotting Blockbuster all together. I really think it's stupid that they are so afraid of Netflix and other great video stores like Hollywood video that they paid Harvey Weinstein some absurd amount of money to exclesivly be able to rent out Weinstein movies. That's nuts and in my opinon border line monoplizing. At first my hubby was like "I guess we're going to have to switch to Blockbuster". I said no way are we going to be apart of it. I'll buy every movie that Weinstein puts out just so that Blockbuster doesn't get any money from it. If I don't like the movie then I'll put it on ebay. My husband now agrees with me that on it. Years ago we rented from Blockbuster all the time. But they had very little DVD's back then. There was a Hollywood Video across the street and they had a much larger selection of DVDs. So we started going there. Then when we moved to 25 minutes from Hollywood Video we decieded to give Walmart through the mail rentals a try considering we had a hard time getting the movies back on time. Walmart was very slow at processing their movies so we stepped up to Netflix (and right after that Walmart sold all their stuff to Netflix). They have an increidable turn around! We've been really satisfied with Netflix. About a month ago though I was trying for a fee Wii and I choose Blockbuster as one of the sponsers you have to choose. And in one months time we got a total of 7 movies. And Netflix we got about 3 times that many. They're just so slow at processing. The whole in store gimic they've got makes so difference to us because by the time they open in the morning we are well at home, usuallly eating dinner. Then we go to bed and go to work. Driving 25 minutes for a movie is nuts. That's why we did the through the mail renting to begin with. So anyway...I'm boycotting Blockbuster. I don't blame Weinstein (manly because I love most of the movies he puts out) cause he just wants to make money.
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13 Feb 07
Wow... I hadn't heard of that. I've tried Blockbuster but never was impressed with them. Right now I have Netflix and I love it! There wasn't a Blockbuster distribution center next to me so the movies took longer to get to me. And I dont' care if you can go into the store because that's why I do it online, I don't want to go into the store. I like to pick movies from the comfort of my own home and I like not having to take my kids to rent a movie. I'd have to hurry if I did that and I prefer taking my time.
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14 Feb 07
I'm glad someone agrees with me :) There is a distribution center 45 minutes from us and still we only got 7 movies in the entire month. Crazy huh?! That's our thing too - we don't want to go into the store either. Plus the stores don't care nearly the magnitude of the websites.
@estarga (1188)
• United States
17 Jan 07
Well, I see that you are upset. I am cancelling my blockbuster membership soon too. (I am just waiting on this very hard to find movie for my hubby to see). The reason I am cancelling is because I have digital cable with every channel and I just joined and that gives me no reason to pay that extra money a month. I will say though blockbuster already has the edge with the bringing the movies in to the store thing so they had no reason to do that. It has been working out great for us by the time we get a new one in the mail we have watched the one we turned in to the actual store. So we were never without a new movie to watch.
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@arunr175 (1679)
• India
28 Jun 12
I don't buy DVD's from any online store, either I go to a local shop in my town to buy DVD's are download the movies from internet...