Why Do Children Hate To Sit For Their Studies ?

January 17, 2007 9:10am CST
This is the big question today. We mothers are always worried, and try our best to bring up our child with the best possible education that can be afforded. Yet they are not interested to sit for their studies. What can be the reason? Are they over burdened with the syllabus? If I can remember correctly, I myself, hated to sit for my studies, during my school days. I still remember, my mother shouting at me, asking me to get prepared for my terminal or final exams. Why do we hate studies? My daughter's examination is about to start by early next month. Yet, she has no interest in sitting with her studies. She would rather watch T.V. or do any other thing, But for studies it's a big NO NO. Is it that, we are pushing them to the brink, for which they have decided to revolt by not studying at all. Have we prepared a syllabi, which is of no interest to them? I invite all members to give their valued suggestions and comments on the subject.
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• India
17 Jan 07
well i believe its because students don't find it interesting, they are rather interested in playing,watching TV etc,you as a parent should talk to them seriously about the issue that what will happen if they won't study and make them realize how much important it is in one's life, once they realize it, you won't have to shout at them and they will themselves study their own
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