O.J. Simpson and his book

United States
January 17, 2007 11:39am CST
Do you think OJ should be allowed to write a book and profit from the murder of Nicole Simpson....? I think it is sick, and I think OJ has a lot of nerve, this just shows his insensitivity amd his arrogance. My stomach curled when the verdict was read that he was innocent. What happened to our legal system? Do you think that if you have money you should be allowed to get away with murder?
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• United States
17 Jan 07
O.J. Simpson is a pompous egomaniac, in my opinion. No, I do not feel he should be able to sell his book, "If I did It", and profit off of the lives of not only Nicole Simpson and Ron Brown, but off their families which are still grieving. This book has only served to bring their grief and anguish back to the forefront and it is wrong. He is morrally bankrupt as a person, and anyone that could still call him a hero is blind. The legal system in this case failed, mostly because of fame and money. As it did in the Robert Blake case, where the majority of evidence pointed directly at him. It seems our justice system has really become tarnished when it comes to protecting the innocent. It is a sad sad situation.