adoptive family in court

@milagre (1272)
January 17, 2007 2:49pm CST
there's a case being judge in the portuguese court: five years ago a women gave her daughter, with 3 months old at the time, to a couple to be adopted with full rights . 4 years later, the biological father acknowladge by the the biological unte that he was a father and told him where his daughter was and with whom, he never knew about this baby before she told her. The biological father went to court to ask the girl (her daughter) custody. What do you think the court should do? think first and i will tell you the end under. The court decide to give the little girl to the biological father. The adoptive father went to jail, because he (being police), hide the adoptive mother and his adopted girl and refuses to give her back. The girl only knows her adotpive family and she's a complete daughter to them. They (the adotpive family), are trying to got to another court, it is called something like:"the afection court or afective court", to ask the little girl for them as they are the only family the little girl knows and they love her like their daughter.
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