You Beligerent Idiot Spammer, I Found You On Here And I Am TAKING YOU DOWN!

United States
January 17, 2007 5:01pm CST
You Idiots with your affiliate sights selling VIAGRA and Your DANGEROUS DIET PILLS have been going through my mylot page and clogging my guestbook with your ads spamming my website at a rate of 200+ posts per day. I want to tell you I know who you are. I called the Drug Affiliate you are representing and you have 24 hours to stop the harrasing spam. If you do not cease and desist your affiliate will pull your money making privelege and revoke all of your earnings. I know exactly who you are, you and your team of losers. I am writing this because if any of you promote your personal blogs or websites on your profile on mylot and you are getting slammed with these harrasing posts. The culprits are a team of indian and vietnamese men and women who are affiliates of this offshore pharmacy. I know who they all are. I am about to blow them out of business. Just wanted you all to know incase you are getting harrased as I am.
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