Initial D and Drifting

@culrun (315)
October 5, 2006 9:44am CST
Calling all Initial D fans! Do you drift or are you a luver of the art of drifting? I luv the fact of going round a corner and having your car head face inside and simply sliding throughout the corner. Its just awesome and way coooolllllllll.
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@kezotang (70)
• Malaysia
23 Dec 06
Hi! I am a drifter as well! well I got to blame Initial D for it! LOL well actually I develope my skills over time while researching how to slid my car from one apex to another apex which is really hard! Now, I have learned various techniques of driftings which I would like to share with you. For starters, you should always go with the E-brake or the clutch-kick. The E-brake was the easiest to pull off with, for example running your car up till a hairpin around 50mph:brakesteer into the corner and pull the E-brake at the same time to create the driftyou rear tyre traction will start to lose itstart to counter-steer when you vehicle is pulling inside maintain your speed with trottle management and there you go. The other drift I knew was Kanseri drift, shift lock, power over and braking drift. My favourite drift is always braking drift because it's the fastest drift for clearning every apex. Also I want to add this, in the eyes of normal people they always consider reckless drivers were punks. But let me say this good skills are rare to come by and the last forever. You may have a good car but it does not shows you have good skills to go with. So people, please learn how to drive... advance. For fellow drifters, please DO NOT practice this in the open public roads. Do it in the circuit tracks because we are the proffesional drivers, right? :)
@Undefeated (4792)
• Singapore
13 Dec 06
Yup ! i drift around ...
@geevee (888)
• India
13 Dec 06
what are you saying,please be descriptive i cant understand your topic