When can you say you're finally fulfilled?

United States
January 17, 2007 7:39pm CST
When is that time that you can honestly tell yourself that you are fulfilled? In which aspect of life? I would say, if the time comes and I have my own family and everything goes well and I raise kids that turn out to be good people and I have a husband that still loves me through the years as I love him. I would be able to say I'm fulfilled.
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@jmintuck (114)
• Canada
18 Jan 07
There,s a small fulfillment coming up for me in the next few months.I have really fancy expensive cornice crown molding. I got 2 pieces up and they look BEAUTIFUL! I am soon to get another piece and go back down the final side of my room. Then I will get one more final piece at a later date and finally FINISH the room.That is one fulfillment on the horizon. Another one that I would feel fulfilled is when I get an Xbox 360. When that happens, I will feel very good. But, the cornice crown moldings come first.As the moldings are a LOT cheaper than the Xbox 360. I felt bad when I priced the 2 things out, both the crown molding cornices and the Xbox 360 price. I found out, sadly, that the gamer side of me is gonna be SO DISAPPOINTED! I,ll have the ceiling looked after, but no new games to play. So, it looks like I,ll be looking at my ceiling crowns and no games to play..... Except Mylot and Duno.