Human Branding

@artguy (1476)
United States
January 17, 2007 8:51pm CST
What is this world coming to. I just found out that teenagers and college students are doing a new form of body art called branding. They are actually branding images in their skins. Not only is this very painful, but it leaves a scar that will last forever. Also there is a risk of infection from open wounds.
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28 Jan 07
Just as tattoos can be surgically removed or changed, scar tissue can be changed. It is merely a form of expression, spiritual task, or experimentation going through a revival in new cultures. There are tribes all over the world that brand themselves and have since the beginning.
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• United States
28 Jan 07
The history of branding dates back a long way. It is a tradition in all the black fraternities. This is definitely nothing new.
@freak369 (5120)
• United States
5 Feb 07
It's not a new form of body art, it has been around for thosands of years. While it may be considered barbaric to some, to others it is simply that, art. No one slams tribes deep in the bush that practice this art form nor does anyone ever question ear piercing, which in some parts of the world is a crime. If done correctly it shouldn't get infected but look at people that are doing this in the middle of nowhere with dirt and disease all around them. Instead of starting a thread like this and treating it as something negative, why not read about why people have it done and some of the cultures that embrace this form of body art.
• Canada
29 Jan 07
Its even nothing new in American culture. I just watched the movie Jarhead yeaterday. If you haven't seen this movie it is set at the beginning of the first gulf war. In it the marines brands their comrades after "they have earned it". I assume it is in the movie because it happens in certain marine groups. Who knows how long its been happening there though. It really is a stupid form of self expression though isn't it....