What do you think of this couple.....

@pinkypop (664)
January 17, 2007 11:39pm CST
Last night me and my husband goes shopping at a certain mall here in our country. After our shopping, we ate dinner. At the dinning place. we somewhat noticed a couple, who was also taking time in finding the right food to take for dinner. The couple had different likes, the girl wants to order a rice-in-a-box meal while the guy wants to have noodles. We too are having different likes that time. I ordered for a burger and a juice while my husband ordered for a rice meal and a juice too. What we noticed is that the guy seems to be so childish. At first the girl ask for some penny, for her to buy the food that she likes but in dismay, the guy seems to hesitate and said, in a rude manner, for the girl to just wait. So the girl just ordered and pays for her food without waiting for her "dear" partner to return to their place. After that, the guy didn't hesitate to wait for the ordered food of her girl to come so that they can start and eat together. My gosh, the guy ate his food as if he is not with someone. He didn't offered his food to his girl. What a guy!!! Our table is just across them, so we can see a clearer picture of whats happening. When our orders were in our table, my husband gentlemanly gave me a spoonful of his food and offered me a zip on his drinks. And in return, I offered to him my drinks and for him to have a bite on my burger. In short, me and my husband share the foods that we have on our table. I don't know how but suddenly the guy on the other table became somewhat sweet to his girl and offered her his noodles. In return, when the girl's order came in, she gave it to his guy. That couple didn't stay long in the resto, for after the guy was done with his foods, he immediately said to his girl that they have to hurry up for he can not stay up late at night. My God, the guy already stood up not minding that his girl is still drinking her water. What a pathetic guy!!! I don't know if the girl is already the guys wife or just the guys girlfriend. But if ever she was just his girlfriend and not yet his wife....my-my she has to think twice before its too late.
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