Best player?

January 18, 2007 2:26am CST
Hi all, Do you feel that the best player 2006 should be for Cannavaro? For me, no. Ronaldinho has been the very good player, outstanding, and being the 1st on creativity, skill, and touch. Many thropies he had given to Champ Barcelona (eventhough he missed the world cup for brazil and Barcelona (in world cup club). Eventhough, for me he has a stable performance overall. I didnot see that lack of Brazil in world cup to be blamed 100% to dinho as what people said. It has to be blamed on thecoach that can not create a better teamwork over the team. Brazil has a lot talented player, most of them are stars and they want to shine in World cup. In this case, teamwrk will be the factor that lacked. Brazil lack of performance has been measured to Dinho ability., This is why dinho lost his title for best player. Other thing, I do not think that Dinho did a bad performance in the club with Barca during the 2006. What you say?
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@Apakshit (21)
• India
31 Jan 07
I am a die hard fan of ronnie but I feel his form hasnt been that good this year and on the other hand cannavaro has been outstanding,he was a rock in the italian defence and helped his team win the world cup so to round it off I feel cannavaro deserves the award more than any other player!!!!!!
• Indonesia
1 Feb 07
Ye, I do think so. But, for me, even he is not in the best form. He is still dangerous and more dangerous than any others especially Cannavaro. The one possible person for this one (who may overtake Ronnie) is only Thierry Henry. He is also dangerous man. But, Cannavaro is a big NO NO for me. You can see Madrid now, and how Madrid being easily crashed all the time.
• India
18 Jan 07
Ya i think he would be better choice than cannavaro..he was the route cause for barca winning the uefa cup..
• Indonesia
1 Feb 07
You are absolutely correct my friend. By the way sorry for my late reply. Yesterday, Barca Lost again from Zaragoze. I do not know what happen to Barca now. Lousy.
@sajuman (1854)
• India
28 Aug 07
Ronaldinho is the best player of year 2006 but he dimmed at world cup so the votes go for some one else.. Ronaldinho Gaucho-the mozart in the world of football.The key player of both brazil and barcelona..His run with the ball as a samba dancer against opposition defense always keep everybody excited.I keep watching his game though i am not a fan of brazil.I watch brazil's match for only to see rono..The innocent smile on his face makes all crazy about him..He is the real play maker and he is the winner...
@rayyu21 (13)
• Pakistan
22 Feb 07
yeah! you are right he is the best choice ronaldinho. he is not to be blamed for underperforming it happens to all the players why is he to be blamed
@stevodon (10)
• South Korea
21 Feb 07
ronaldinho is a god obviously the best player in the world he is amazing i met him in barcelona and apart from being a great soccer player he is a cool guy in real life and totally sound lived up to every expectation i had pity he cant speak english