Dire Straits Or Pink Floyd

January 18, 2007 3:16am CST
Two of the greatest rock band ever to grace the Music Arena.I shudder to think,what would have been the plight of the discerning music aficionados Had these two groups wouldn't have performed.The world would have been a sorry place . Now lemme come to the point. I know there can be no comparison 4 sure but still I wanted to know whom You people consider as the better act. Be as elobarative as possible while giving your opinion. The better responses will no doubt be rated and the best one will be awarded as the best tag.
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@andilla (137)
• Sweden
22 Jan 07
I'm not sure if I can be very elaborate with this answer... I couldn't tell which one is better, because I think both are fantastic. It simply depends on my mood which one I prefer to listen. That's all, I think they are both such awesome artists that there is no point to compare them to each other. Competitions of any kind don't make sense between artists of the same level.
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• India
24 Jan 07
Hats off to U for your insightful feedback. U r absolutely right there that one must refrain 4m comparing these two awesomely talented artists.
@aks_09 (49)
• India
18 Jan 07
first off... both bands rock... but pink floyd s more than a band... its an experience.... a pink floyd concert s very different from other rock concerts( u gotta see them live to believe it)... the sound.... the lights... the effects... simply awesome
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• India
20 Jan 07
Great thoughts partner. I really liked it. Thanx
• Portugal
21 Jan 07
pink floyd is the best!!!Pink Floyd had been considered the best band of the world in effect special and also already they had been the best band of the world...Without doubts that Pink Floyd is better!Nobody goes to obtain to make better of what they .They go to be forever memorized in our memories!!!
• India
21 Jan 07
Thanx mate 4 your insight.
@dark_ocy (69)
• Romania
24 Jan 08
Both bands rock! But Pink Floyd it's like an era, a rock age...they're not just a band...The Wall..it's the best album I've ever heard..They're just great..all of their songs leave a strong impression, a mark..forever. Once you listened to one of their songs..you're in love with them, with the nostalgia, and everything. Dire Straits..great band too..but not as impressive as Pink Floyd..at least not for me! Ciao
@jurazg (409)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
3 Jan 08
Dire Straits rule. They are just great. He has got his own style which is hardly imitated. He is now on the tour and I can't wait his concert in Croatia..